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Best 5 tips for staging your home before the photo shoot

We should follow these tips for staging your home for real estate photography. Making visual appeal a priority when staging your home for real estate photography is essential for closing a sale in 2023. When it comes to staging, there are some basic tips to follow that will make all the difference in your photos.

Firstly, identify the focal points of each room and ensure they’re emphasized. Each living space should have an area that draws attention – this could be a statement feature wall, art piece or even furniture arrangement. Highlighting these visual elements is key to creating visual interest.

Secondly, focus on decluttering and making the home look spacious and inviting by removing any unnecessary items or personal effects from view. The goal here is to create a sense of visual organization so potential buyers can easily imagine themselves in the space.

Thirdly, think of each room as if it were a blank canvas – no matter the type of real estate photography you’re doing, you want to set up scenes that draw attention and are memorable. To achieve this, consider giving your rooms a mini makeover with accessories like cushions and throws, rugs or plants. This will help bring visual warmth to the images.


Fourthly, incorporate natural light sources whenever possible in order to create inviting photos that look bright and vibrant. Natural lighting can also be used to highlight certain areas of a room for added visual appeal.

Finally, don’t forget about adding visual continuity throughout the home by using similar colors and textiles in different spaces. This will give your photographs a polished, harmonious look and make them appear more professional.

By following these five tips for staging your home for real estate photography, you can create visual appeal that will help attract potential buyers. Make sure to contact Photogenesys to capture the highlights with an essentials visual package for the best results!

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