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Sell your real estate faster
using stunning photography & video

Photogenesys Apprenticeship Program.

Unlock your potential with our apprenticeship program.

At Photogenesys, we believe in nurturing the next generation of talent in the real estate photography and videography industry. That's why we're excited to offer an apprenticeship program designed specifically for individuals passionate about capturing the essence of properties and eager to learn the art of telling compelling stories through visuals. As part of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the DC Metro Area, this program provides hands-on experience with photography and marketing. Apprentices will learn from seasoned professionals, gaining expertise in advanced photography techniques, post-editing, and how to serve some of the best real estate professionals in the industry. If you're ready to embark on a rewarding career and help real estate professionals to be more effective and stand out in the competitive real estate market, Photogenesys' apprenticeship program is your gateway to success.

A dedicated apprentice holds up her camera
Glimpse of photo editing on a laptop

Every year our goal is to take on one person for a paid apprenticeship. 

Here are some important skills you will develop:


Photographers typically have strong patience and dedication skills that can help them steady the camera and take the perfect shot. For example, they might move items into frame and or wait for the light to adjust for the perfect composition.

Attention to detail

You will learn and develop strong attention to detail. For example, balancing out the light and adjusting items in the frame to match the mood of the room.   Understanding the importance of minor details can help you edit the content and fix minor issues that might appear unnoticeable to some people.


Approaching tasks from a different perspective may help enhance your creative skills as you learn to think outside of normal conceptions. Photographers also hone their creative imagination when approaching their clients with original ideas.


You will develop technical skills to work with a professional camera and use computer software to edit and finalize photos.  You will use design programs, like Photoshop.


Youwill discuss the photoshoot in technical detail with other professionals or clients. You will be able to suggest shots that will accentuate the property, and arrange meeting times for the shoot.

Time management

You will learn how to balance a schedule, work under tight deadlines, and arrange different timetables that focus on important events, such as open houses and sales. You will learn to use effective time management when creating an online booking system that shows Your availability.

Our program is one year long, and we provide you with everything you need to be successful.  Please submit your resume including two references for consideration.


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